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Website Usability Consulting and Testing Services

What Is Website Usability?

Website Usability is about providing a pleasing, natural browsing experience for surfers who are accessing the information on your web site. You want to keep them comfortable with your site to retain their interest. No matter how attractive your site's graphics are, if it has poor navigation facilities or a confusing layout, it will quickly tire and alienate visitors, causing them to leave.

What Are The Benefits Of Website Usability?

Without usability design in mind, the content of an otherwise attractive site full of interesting information may sadly be ignored. Web sites that are easy to use, on the other hand, increase visitors' desire to read what you have to say and explore what you have to sell. For e-commerce sites, minimizing user frustration and decreasing the time needed to execute buying decisions with better usability often translates to increased sales.

Giving Control To Site Visitors With Adjustable Font Sizes And Page Widths

Visitors like to have control over their surfing experience. People have different size monitors, so for the best browsing experience, the page width must adapt - and text copy reflow correspondingly - when they resize their browser windows. People have different browser settings and viewing preferences, thus fonts must be resizable while providing a reasonable default that will work for most people. These two features are especially critical for web sites which contain heavy amounts of textual information.

A site that is tested and works well across different browsers is also a must in order to achieve full usability.

Usability And E-commerce

Usability and e-commerce are inseparable. A June 2003 Genex report states that "65 percent of U.S. Internet users surveyed won't patronize a poorly designed site - even that of a favorite brand"  and "...nearly 30 percent stop buying from their favorite offline store if their online experience is poor" !!! The latter fact confirms that many users count on a company's web site for after sales support and a web site that has low usability equates to poor customer service.

A confusing site design is frustrating to users and often causes them to abandon online purchases. In 2001 alone, slow-loading pages and poor usability caused online consumers to abandon up to 50% of online transactions or $25 billion worth of purchases.

What We Can Do For You

  • Usability Testing - If you would like to know if your present site meets established usability principles, we can test it for you. We will then provide you with a list recommendations about how you can improve your site design and what exactly you need to do to improve the quality of the visitor experience.
  • Site Reengineering / Redesign - We can reengineer and redesign your existing web site to implement the usability enhancements we have recommended for it.

Turn your web site visitors into loyal customers instead of turning them away. Get expert Website Usability Consulting today!

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