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Frequently Asked Questions on Web Hosting (Shared and VDS/VPS)

1. Can I upgrade my hosting plan at anytime?

Yes, you may upgrade at anytime. The cost of the remainder of your current plan will be applied to the cost of the new plan.

2. How long does it take to set up an account?

Account set up, including domain acquisition, is within 24 hours from confirmation of payment. Accounts are usually up and running within half a day.

3. How is support handled?

Support for hosting is conducted via email. The majority of hosting support email are replied to within a few hours and we commit to providing a reply turnaround time of 24 hours at most.

4. Do you have a support website or knowledgebase?

Yes. In addition to email support, a support website with flash tutorials and a Q&A knowledgebase is available for all web hosting customers.

5. What is the difference between the standard (shared) web hosting and virtual private/dedicated server (VPS/VPS) hosting?

Advanced webmasters who are looking for advanced hosting features such as: Secure Shell (SSH) access, FastCGI support, Ruby on Rails, Java, Tomcat, mod_python, mod_perl, direct external MySQL connections, GCC compilers, MySQL 5.x, etc... will find the VPS/VDS hosting plans very well suited for them.

Sites with storage requirements measured in terms of gigabytes would also be suitable for hosting on the VPS/VDS plans as these offer higher storage limits.

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