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All-in-1 Web Design Packages

Are You A Small / Medium Business With Professional Web Design Requirements?

Give your company the commanding presence of a big business at a price even a small business can afford. Our professional web design packages are ideal for small to medium sized businesses. Companies just starting to establish their presence on the Internet and companies with budget considerations can benefit greatly from any of our full-featured yet highly affordable all-in-one web design packages.


For as low as $500, your small to medium business can establish presence on the Internet and gain access to a global market. We understand the needs of small/medium businesses. That is why we have kept our all-in-one packages affordable while still committing to features such as Website Usability.

Full Featured

All our web design packages come with:

  • Domain name registration (1 year)
  • 1 year Website hosting
  • 1 year email accounts hosting (unlimited POP accounts and email addresses)
  • Extended website, email hosting and domain name maintenance at US$25/US$30/US$35 per year.
Super Starter Plan Bronze
  • up to 5 pages
  • 1 Feedback form
  • 3GB monthly bandwidth
  • 75MB disk space
  • Price: US$500
  • Additional pages: US$60 per page
Super Starter Plan Silver
  • up to 10 pages
  • 1 Feedback form
  • 5GB monthly bandwidth
  • 125MB disk space
  • Price: US$800
  • Additional pages: US$50 per page
Super Starter Plan Gold
  • up to 15 pages
  • 1 Feedback form
  • 7GB monthly bandwidth
  • 200MB disk space
  • Price: US$1000
  • Additional pages: US$40 per page

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