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Professional Web Content Writing Service

Of users' first three eye-fixations on a page, only 22% were on graphics; 78% were on text. In general, users... often did not look at the images at all until the second or third visit to a page.

Source: Poynter Institute
Overall Web site usability increased by as much as 159% on a case study by Sun Microsystems by rewriting the content according to usability guidelines.

Source: Sun Microsystems

What Is Web Content Writing?

Web content writing is the art of writing content specifically tailored for an online audience. Unlike writing for other media such as print or broadcast, web content requires a writing approach not all writers are accustomed to. On the Internet, people's reading preferences and behavior are markedly different. This means that writing styles that are good for print media may not be as effective online.

How Important Is Your Web Site's Content?

Textual content is the most important part of your site. Eye-tracking studies show that web site copy receives the majority of a site viewer's attention. Text, NOT graphics, is the first thing they fixate on when entering a web site.

Fancy animations and colorful graphics may distract visitors for a minute or two, but what they are really looking for is information. If you want to convince visitors to give you their business, then consider our professional web content writing service for compelling copy that will hook them from the beginning.

Increase Web Site Popularity Through Professional SEO Copywriting

Web site copy can also be further enhanced by having it target search terms that people use in search engines to look for services and products related to your business. Professional SEO copywriting not only increases your website popularity and search engine rankings, it should also do so without hurting the readability and flow of your text.

What We Can Do For You

  • Create fresh web content based on existing non-web based literature such as brochures and catalogs.
  • Rewrite existing content according to established web content writing and usability principles.
  • Write/rewrite online content to increase website popularity and enhance search engine positioning (SEO Copywriting).
  • Convert non-web based writing to search-keyword targetted web content (also SEO copywriting).

If you have ever wondered why your web site is not delivering the results you were expecting, consider hiring us for professional web content writing and SEO copywriting services. See an increase in your website popularity today!

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Neotitans- Web Content Writing Web Copy Editing Services
Neotitans- Web Content Writing Web Copy Editing Services

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