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Why Do You Need A Web Site?

These days, the question is no longer whether your company should have a website or not - it's how soon and how well done. With online B2C e-commerce reaching US$1 trillion in 2012 and expected to hit $1.2 trillion at the end of 2013, no business can afford to be without some sort of web presence!

What Kind Of Web Site Do You Need?

Whether it's a simple site composed of 5 pages or an e-commerce capable website, you need something that works for both your company and customers. On the Internet, good customer service begins with good web design. Your website should help you win customers and build lasting business relationships with them. Designing websites for corporate and business clients is our specialty.

Are We The Right Web Design Company For You?

Yes! We are more than just web designers and software engineers, we're business people like yourselves. That's why we understand your needs better. Our technical expertise coupled with our Internet marketing savvy will deliver the results you're looking for! We design sites that target your bottomline.

Web user interface development using AJAX and cross-browser W3C DOM

The popularization of AJAX techniques have raised the bar for the sophistication of web-based user interfaces. While AJAX often makes for a slicker end-user experience, it is much more difficult to get right across different browsers compared to traditional web interfaces and is much more demanding of UI design skills. We pride ourselves on our meticulous attention to detail when doing such work.

While mostly a blessing, AJAX interfaces have their disadvantages. One of these is that - like Flash-based web sites - AJAX-served content is invisible to search engines. Our combined experienced in AJAX development and SEO techniques means that we know when to apply and when not to apply such techniques. We make it a point to avoid gratuitous use of AJAX techniques which inexperienced offshore AJAX developers may indulge in.

Cross-Browser Site Designs For Maximum Audience

As the switch to alternative web browsers accelerates ( more than 1 out of 3 surfers are now using non-IE browsers), it is becoming more important than ever for sites to be designed for optimum viewing by the maximum number of visitors. Our sites feature:

  • Web standards compliance
  • XHTML/HTML/CSS validated code
  • Multi-OS compatibility (Windows, Mac, Linux)
  • Multi-browser compatibility (IE6, NS 6&7, Mozilla, Firefox, Opera, Safari, Konqueror)
  • Persuasive content writing
  • n (optional)
  • Usability features such as...
  • Fast-load times
  • Resizable, flowing layout
  • Adjustable font sizes
  • Easy-to-use navigation
  • Intuitive architecture
  • Javascript features with graceful degradation when absent.
    (check out how our inquiry form and link exchange pages behave with and without Javascript enabled on your browser)

to take advantage of the web medium on as many different users' web clients as possible.

If you need a web site or intranet that can keep up with your company's fast-growing and complex needs... Hire Neotitans now via an IT Recruitment Agency in Manila.

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"You're nobody these days if you don't have a Web site. Any business worth its salt will at least have a basic set of pages with contact details and a summary of what the company is about."
PC Pro magazine 08/02
A Jupiter Consumer Survey found that 45 percent of consumers have used a retailer's Web site to research a product before buying it in that same company's store.
Source: cyberatlas.com

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