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Offshore Software Development and Programming for Websites, Intranets and Database Apps

Database-driven Web Sites with CMS and other dynamic functionality

Our specialties are building CMS based and other kinds of dynamic web sites with backends driven via popular, widely used databases such as MySQL, Firebird, MS SQL Server, etc... with PHP or Python as the scripting language.

Web Development - Pure Open Source or Hybrid Microsoft/Open Source Solutions

Open Source technologies have made great strides since they came on the scene during dot-com boom of the late '90s. Tools and technologies like the Apache web server, the PHP and Python scripting languages, and the MySQL and Firebird database systems are often much more easily and cheaply deployed than their commercial counterparts and are at the same time more mature and reliable in most instances.

For web development, we can use a pure Open Source approach involving the technologies mentioned above or interface web frontends built with them to existing infrastructure based on Microsoft technologies like MS SQL Server™ via ADO or ODBC. ADO and ODBC are database / datasource abstraction layers that allow developers and programmers to mix and match technologies on both the front and back ends and allow you to use whatever technologies you feel is best on either end.

Application Development - Microsoft and Open Source Integration

For applications, we feel that the best option for client deployment are still GUI-based apps running on Microsoft's Windows™ operating systems. However, our use of technologies like Python, Firebird, and MySQL have also convinced us that, for the back-end and middle-tier, they offer vastly superior cost and quality benefits over that of proprietary, commercial offerings. Development time is much faster, deployment costs much lower and maintenance is a lot easier and more efficient, resulting in greatly reduced headaches.

Thus, the optimal solutions for business / database applications involve a mix of open source and commercial tools and technologies. Our programmers' experience with the best-of-breed technologies from either camp allows us to create integrated solutions that bring you the best of both worlds.

Python Programmers / Python Specialists

While we have considerable expertise in the many different technologies listed on the right, we are especially fond of the programming language Python and welcome hard-core projects involving this language.

Custom AJAX user interface programming and development

We have had many years experience in 'AJAX'-style web interfaces having pioneered zero/minimal page refresh and dynamic content loading techniques long before the term 'AJAX' was coined.

What We Can Do For You

  • Client-side programming - We offer client-side web development using Javascript, W3C DOM DHTML, XHTML and XML (including XSLT and XPath).
  • Server-side programming - We offer server-side web development primarily using PHP and Python.
  • Database and business applications programming - We offer business applications and software development services involving open source and proprietary technologies including Python, PHP, MySQL, Firebird / Interbase, C/C++, MS SQL Server, ODBC, ADO, and Delphi.
  • Deployment platforms (operating systems and web servers) - We develop intranet (web) and software solutions that are deployable on the Linux, Windows, and FreeBSD operating systems as well as on the Apache and IIS web servers.

If you need a custom CMS / dynamic web site or intranet that can keep up with your company's fast-growing and complex needs... Hire Neotitans now!

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