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Popular and Unique TLDs (domain extensions) for the Perfect Domain Name

Looking for unique and memorable domain names? Has someone already taken the .COM of your dreams? You may still be in luck! Why not try an innovative and easy-to-remember extension such as .CC .BZ .WS .TEL or .MOBI for your site?

Are you looking for a domain extension that targets a location-specific audience for internet marketing or SEO purposes? We've got everything from .ASIA to .EU to .UK to .CO.NZ TLDs and more.

We also offer the well-known .COM .NET .ORG .INFO .BIZ and *.PH TLDs at some of the lowest prices around.

See the list of available extensions
Click here for self-service, self-managed domain registrations or see all options below.

A. Standard Domain Registrations (managed by us)

Upon request, we can set and change the nameservers and registrant and domain contact details to anything you require.

.COM  .NET  .ORG  .BIZ  .INFO  .NAME PHP795/year
.PH  .COM.PH  .ORG.PH  .NET.PH PHP2000/year (2 years minimum)
Other TLDs Orderbox cost* + PHP200

B. Discounted Domain Registration (managed by us, for domains purchased & paid for along with hosting plans)

Nameserver changes are free for as long as they are pointed to our hosting servers. Registrant and other contact details are set to "Neotitans Domain Manager" for speed of management. Changes to contact details, DNS records and pointing of name servers to other hosting companies are allowed upon upgrade to standard pricing above or switch to self-managed Orderbox domain below. Price difference between discounted price and the standard or Orderbox price will be the cost for the upgrade. If the price difference is negative, upgrade will be free-of-charge.

.COM  .NET  .ORG  .BIZ  .INFO  or  .NAME PHP595/year
PHP695/year for 3 mos. Starter A Std Bandwidth
.PH  .COM.PH  .ORG.PH  .NET.PH PHP1750/year
PHP1850/year for 3 mos. Starter A Std Bandwidth
Other TLDs Same as Orderbox cost*

* Indicative price may, on rare occasions, need updating.
All prices in Philippine pesos (PHP). USD1=PHP52.50 approx. as of 2019-May. Paypal and/or wire transfer costs may apply.

C. Orderbox Domain Registrations (self-managed, very low priced domains and digital certificates)

For customers mainly interested in managing their own domains and domain related products (e.g. digital certificates), we offer all the top TLDs at extremely competitive prices via our Orderbox system (see price table).

The Orderbox is a self-service, pre-paid debit account system that lets you execute domain and domain-related product purchases online instantly. Advanced users will be happy to know that domains purchased on the Orderbox will allow instant online modification of domain info such as contact details, nameservers, as well as DNS zone records.

All Orderbox accounts feature the following domain management features under the well-designed control panel:

Domain control panel showing name server configuration screen
Very fast, streamlined backend (compare with GoDaddy's hog of a control panel)
DNS service
DNS zone record editing
Domain Forwarding
Email forwarding
Privacy Protection
Domain Theft Protection
Bulk Domain Management Tools
and more...

Explanation of domain management features can be found here.

Visit the Orderbox

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