Bancnetonline payments are safe and extremely convenient to make. If you are an ATM card holder at a supported bank, you use your ATM account to make an online payment..

Step 1. Go to and click on the bank whose ATM account you wish to use to transact.

Step 2. Understand and agree to the terms and conditions by clicking on the "Agree" button. The Bancnetonline Java ATM applet will now begin to load.

Step 3. When the applet appears, click on "Interbank Fund Transfer" on the left side of the page.

When the "Interbank Fund Transfer" screen comes up...

4a. Fill in the FROM: section with your bank, ATM card details and the amount due.

4b. In the TO: section, use the following details, Bank Name: Metrobank, Account Number: 0043718218102

4c. Enter your PIN # using your mouse (this is for added security so keyloggers cannot record your PIN #), and press the submit button.

Step 5. If the transaction is successful, write down the trace number, time and date of deposit, and originating bank.

Email these details to along with: "Bancnetonline Payment", plan name (Starter A, Pro B, VPS-1...) , plan duration (3 mos., 6 mos., 1 year) and domain name* you will be using.

*Domain names are a separate purchase and are available at the discounted price of P395/year for .com, .net, .org, .biz, .info and .name when bought and paid along with a hosting plan (except 3 Starter A Standard Bandwidth plans). Please check for domain name availability before ordering one.

Step 6. Upon receipt of your email, your account will be created and the necessary details emailed to you so you can begin using it.