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  • Creating Javascript objects

    Creating a Javascript object is VERY DIFFERENT from the way it is done in languages like C++ or Java. This very approachable introductory tutorial illustrates the very dynamic - and startling to the uninitiated - syntax for creating Javascript objects. A MUST READ to avoid confusion.

  • "Douglas Crockford teaches Javascript" videos - Metafilter

    Douglas Crockford, leading JavaScript Architect for Yahoo!, has been teaching a series of classes on JavaScript programming for other Yahoo! employees. Above are the videos.

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  • Selecting a Flex ComboBox item on value/data instead of index

    One major Flex annoyance is the inability to select a ComboBox item by specifying a value to look for, rather you have to know the index number of the item and assign it to ComboBox.SelectedIndex. This is not always a feasible approach. Ben Forta offers a fix to this by extending the ComboBox component. However, this ability should really be part of the standard ComboBox component.

  • Giving the Flex ComboBox a "dataField" attribute

    Another convenience that the stock Flex ComboBox sorely lacks is that while it lets you specify the field name which contains the value for the ComboBox labels via the "labelField" attribute, it doesn't let you specify the field name for the value/data via a "dataField" attribute. Tristan Hauser further enhances Ben Forta's extension to let you do just this.

  • Getting Flex's trace() to output to a log file (for viewing from command prompt)

    As far as I know, Flex's trace() will not output to stdout or the command prompt. However you can have it output to a log file in real time. This means you can use the Unix tail command to achieve the equivalent.

  • Flash and Math An awesome site featuring ActionScript 3.0 tutorials that interactively illustrate mathematics concepts and ideas.

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